Friday, November 30

hawaii // bits of our vacay

it's become an annual tradition for ryan and i to spend our thanksgiving in maui. in the past we've taken friends and seen all the sights, but this time it was just the two of us. we decided to take that week to relax and even went on a mission to find the best mai tai in maui ;)

this place, castaway cafe, was our number one pick. we spent almost every happy hour here. an ocean view + cafe lights? i was hooked at first sight.

we rented scooters one day and made our way up and down the coast. i'd never ridden my own, so i was super scared at first. after a few minutes it became much more comfortable and i was actually able to look around and enjoy the view.

definitely enjoyed plenty of these!

how did you spend your thanksgiving?
happy friday and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 28

color inspiration // christmas palette #1

color inspiration posts are back. woo hoo:)
and since christmas is in full swing for most of us, i thought it would be fun to share some christmas palettes. 

mint and red are a great way to take your holidays outside of the box, but not stray too far from traditional. 

outfit // collection // cupcakes // word garland the happy home

how about you, have you started your decorating or holiday shopping? most of our neighbors have lights and wreaths up... maybe a little early for my taste, i mean.. it's still november. but i'll admit, i bought some wreaths at trader joes monday and the smell of them is driving me to climb in the attic to get our decorations down.

Friday, November 23

gift guides // for the crafter with hank and hunt

If you aren't a crafty type, this gift guide isn't as glamorous as you might hope. But if you are a DIY blogger, party planner or just a gal that likes to make stuff she sees on Pinterest (or you are shopping for one) this little roundup is pure goodness. Crafters don't always buy the prettiest or best quality when they first get stuff, I speak from experience here. Replace her standby with a nice one and she'll love you. Here are just a few things I have on my wishlist but I have also included a few of my favorite tools. And can I just mention a hot pink hot glue accessory kit with finger covers so I don't burn the jingle out of myself?? Hello, you will get squeals of delight and big hugs from your recipient, guaranteed. 

HOT GLUE HELPER KIT // The belle of the ball here, just get it for her. Trust me.  

CUTTING MAT // a nice BIG one that is a clean and modern color, or lacking color, thank heavens, have you seen some of those shades?

SCISSORS // I use these Gingher shears all the time, but I don’t have them in gold. Hint, hint.

GOLD TAPE // I don’t know a girl who wouldn’t want this in her stocking. Like a lady version of duct tape.

GLITTER TWINE // Eek, it has gold in it!

WOOL FELT BALLS // I found them, a lot of them. You are welcome.

PARCEL TWINE // I love this twine. It’s past healthy infatuation at this point.

WOOL FELT // Premium quality felt in a variety of real pretty colors, much better than the craft aisle, seriously.

SILVER SEWING TOTE // This baby is vintage and could handle a night on the town, too.

DRILL // I have this and the neon green looks awesome in photos. It’s light so it is less intimidating and how else are you supposed to make party animals? Duh.

LETTERPRESS MACHINE // I have this too and I love it. Did you know the company not only has a huge selection of letterpress plates but you can make your own custom ones? (psst…Use code HANK and get 20% off)

GOLD SPRAY PAINT // You could buy one, or an entire case, and I’d be thrilled…oh, uh, she would be.  Paint ALL the things…GOLD.

I love swinging by A Fabulous Fete, thanks so much for having me Lauren! Happy Crafting all! xoxo

Thursday, November 22

gift guides // for the fashion lover with oh yei! concept factory

Hi all you, its me again Carol from Oh yei! concept factory. We are all prepping for next season and  that means gifts for everyone, do you have a FASHION pal and don’t have a clue of what that person will love?

Well Lauren invited me to make a guift guide for FASHION LOVERS, that’s no hard work for me because i love trendy stuff and i think im that kind of person jeje.

There is a lot of things out there that a trendy friend will love to have, this kind of person love pretty details and things that are different. This fashion objects can make them crazy: rad iphone cases, cute colors and cool materials in ipad cases, trendy bags, awesome jewerly, craze for last season make up, a glam camera and fashionable stationery like a triangle notebook, cute card holder, and why not try delight words in an enchant notecard.

Hope all fashion lovers enjoy their gift.

Iphone case at
triangle bag Gareth Pugh at
Seaport Watch at
Kohl Eyeliner at
Circle triangle drop Earrings at
Triangle Notebook at
Tokketok noteCard at
Anve Card holder at
Sardina Camera at

Wednesday, November 21

gift guides // for the hostess with cupcakes and cutlery

Hey everybody!  While Lauren is busy relaxing, I'm here with some hostess gift ideas!  I'm sure you have been or will be invited to a bunch of holiday parties this season.  In my opinion, a hostess gift does not need to be extravagant but should be thoughtful.  Think of those items that you might want, but wouldn't necessarily buy yourself.  Those are the things that make good gifts for the people inviting you in to their home. 

1.  One Hope Wine : Buying a bottle of wine is easy and somewhat expected as a hostess gift.  What sets One Hope Wine apart is that for each bottle sold, about $5 is donated to worthy causes.  So not only are you providing your host with a delicious gift, you are giving back too.   
2.  Chocolate Chip Panettone :  A chocolate chip panettone is something that your hostess has probably seen but wouldn't splurge on (calorie wise, not cost!).  By bringing on to her, you have taken the guilt away (I mean, it was a gift, she can't NOT eat it).  As you hand it over, remind her that panettone makes a great breakfast so she'll know that when she gets up, after a long night of hosting people, breakfast is ready to go.  
3.  Beverage Dispenser : If your hostess loves to entertain, consider a gorgeous beverage dispenser.  Chances are she will get a lot of use out of it throughout the year and she'll think of you every time she breaks it out.  
4.  Gingerbread House Candies :  For thanking families, wrap up these gingerbread house decorating candies (they are so whimsical and colorful!) with a family favorite recipe for gingerbread.  Make it in to a cute little activity for the host family to do together.  
5.  Whatever Banner : For those people who like to host but without the fuss, this Whatever Banner is perfect.  They will have it on hand for whatever event pops up that they need to add a little (a very little) pizazz too.  
6.  Coasters : For the gal who likes to keep a sophisticated home, these bronze and gold paint drip coasters are the perfect elegant touch to bring out next time she has guests over.  
7.  Cheese Markers : People LOVE cheese.  These cheese markers are a super fun way to tell guests what is what.  These are for the host with a sense of humor.  
8.  Personalized Pencils : Personalized pencils are super fun.  Does your hostess have a catch phrase or nickname?  Show your host how much you enjoy them by giving them this thoughtful gift.  These show preplanning and thoughtfulness and you will, for sure, be invited back. 
9.  Initial Plates : These initial plates are darling.  Consider purchasing a set with the initial for their last name.  These can be used at all their future parties or to hold trinkets next to the bed.  
10.  Scarf : Let's be honest.  Even if a family or couple is "hosting" we all know who handles most of the duties.  Give your hostess a lovely scarf to wear for the season.  
11.  Slippers : Being on your feet for the prepping of a party sure takes it's toll.  Showing up with comfy slippers for your hostess might earn you a bear hug.  And these are even cute enough to finish out the party in.

But if you really like your hosts, give them this doormat.  Their safety really could be in your hands.   

What is your favorite thing to give? 

Sharon from Cupcakes and Cutlery

Tuesday, November 20

gift guides // the bar cart enthusiast mint love social club

Hi I'm Natalie from Mint Love Social Club and I am so happy to be here today to share with you some of my favorite gifts for the bar cart enthusiast! 

1. Mrs Lillien's Cocktail swatch book- colorful and fun; full of straight forward recipes
 for those just starting to try their hand at mixing cocktails

2. Drink More Gin print $85- ever since I started drinking gin cocktail there was no going 
back to vodka! This print would be a perfect gift to hang above a bar and add a pop of color!

3. PDT cocktail book- From the infamous Please Dont Tell bar in NYC.  Cocktail recipes 
for those who want to take their cocktail mixing to the next level

4.  Z Gallerie's Oxford Serving Bowl - At $80 this is a beautiful gift that your friends 
can use for more than just a handful of a champagne bottles as it is also food safe! 
Would make a fun punch bowl!

5. Custom Drink Stirrers from - Personalized gifts always show that you put a lot of thought into the gift and honestly- what bar cart would be complete without these perfect little stirrers!

6. Fox Decanter set from Furbish $68- What a fabulous little set to display a top a bar cart?!?!

7. A selection of specialized spirits- When in doubt a nice bottle of liqueur or specialized 
spirit is a foolproof gift for the bar enthusiastThese three are a few of my staples.

8. Set of cocktail coupes $89 for 6- The perfect vessel for a variety of cocktails! 
These by Schott Zweisel are beautiful and delicate.

9. City Coasters $15 for 10 - This cute Etsy shop carries many different city coaster sets. 
Perfect add on to a bottle of wine!

10. Glossed & Found BarKeep Recipe box $22 - a selection of recipe from 
Glossed & Found's most notable guests.

11. Travel Bar Set $129-  for the bar cart enthusiast on the go!


Monday, November 19

hope you all had a fab weekend!
while i'm vacationing, i have some great gift guides lined up for you.
there's definitely something for everyone, so check back tomorrow and get your holiday shopping started! first up is natalie from mint love social club. and if you read her blog, i bet you can guess what she did a little round up of for you;)

Friday, November 16

friday // some recent work

what a week!! we're getting ready to catch a flight to maui on sunday... so this has been my life for the past 5 days. non stop calligraphy projects and cake stands! i wanted to have absolutely no big projects pending while i was away to fully relax and enjoy our time away. but man, it's been extra stressful trying to achieve that. should be totally worth it though right?!

next week will be super fun around here. some very cool ladies will be sharing their gift guides with you all week. stop by on monday to see what sharon, natalie, carol and jenny have curated for your holiday shopping needs!

now... off to pick ups, drop offs, meetings and hopefully a pit stop at starbucks ;)
have a great weekend.. what do you have planned?

[images from my instagram feed]

Monday, November 12

[ desert inspired dessert table ]

a few weeks ago i was invited to add a little pizazz to a dessert table for the socal social blogger event. the last leg of the event was held at el ranchito in orange. as i was given freedom to design as i pleased, i went with a little desert inspiration. natural woods, terra cotta, recycled glass and cacti (obviously) were the main elements. kristin of meringue bake shop kept in stride and baked her delicious treats in the natural color scheme.

salted caramel mocha cupcakes, sugar cookie bites and cafe con dulce trifles were stacked on rustic wood planks.

as the event was held outdoors, i added a bit of candlelight next to the signs. they always say candle light is the most flattering... even for desserts;)

i created watercolor cards to add my calligraphy to. the dessert labels were attached to small wood boards and tied up with natural twine.

all of the natural elements needed a little color to pop. so i whipped up some runners, added fringe to the ends and dyed each a different shade of pink.

meringue bake shop's cafe con dulce trifles. so good.

all of these yummy desserts are available for order from meringue bake shop! and of course, i can come help you make your dessert table fabulous..

Friday, November 9

friday finds // transitioning to the holidays

after halloween, i'm kind of stuck in transition. our dark decor is feeling a bit heavy for my taste these days. seems i am favoring the look of lighter decor with a masculine twist, simple items, and gold. shocker! i've never been a huge fan of fall items and traditional colors. The saturated reds and browns just aren't my thing. I've made peace with that and decided we can move straight into holiday. christmas, after all, is my favorite time of year. whats wrong with making it stretch a bit longer into november? nothin! especially if i'm sticking with classic shapes in neutral colors, whether it be home decor and personal items like stationary and clutches... 

i'm always trying to incorporate new and non traditional colors into holiday decor. pretty sure my go to will be peach this year. i think peach and gold will be a pretty little combo don't you?

these itty bitty peach envelopes are perfect for gifting and having handy for last minute cards.
gilded pencils are such a great stocking stuffer for all ages! i know i wouldn't mind having a few in my pencil cup.
gold chains. obvious. classic. lately pieces like this have been my go-to, to de-girlify frilly wardrobe items. it's about time i replace my last one for this shiny beauty.
origami hearts?! on a stick?! for your cup cakes?! love.
i've had my eye on this clutch for a while now (hint hint friends). i believe it will even fit your ipad. so it's functional, which means i need it.
this handmade shield mirror is just plain cool. check out the entire shop, they even have bunting made out of mirrors and a banner mirror! i predict we will be seeing these in lots of weddings soon.
toss in single stem blooms in these vintage jars for insta-chic decor. i like to think when you have an interesting vase, you don't have to get too crazy with the floral. this equals less work for moi, with big impact.
and last but not least, this love sign. i mean... i have our new living room wall already created in my head. that love sign, the shield mirror and some fancy new art prints. done.

[all items via etsy! images via shops in links above]

what's your plan for fall decor? have you already started revamping your wardrobe and redecorating? or do you even bother? would love to hear how you plan to make your home and self festive!

Thursday, November 8

our wedding // the programs

one of my favorite projects i worked on for our wedding was our programs.
since we didn't have a bridal party, and everything was very informal, i decided to create a little book that told everyone how the night would progress. people had to move around a lot from the lower balcony at the entrance to the main event space as the main space was serving as the ceremony and reception location. and to be honest, i didn't want people to get confused and was trying to make it a little easier on the dj and coordinator. plus, we hadn't used our engagement shots very much, so.. perfect opportunity to get those some exposure!

i created some quick files in illustrator and sent off to our printer. originally i had wanted one long piece with an accordion fold, but the printer offered up this option which i instantly fell for. who doesn't like mini books?!

they were placed on everyones seats at the ceremony.. and i'm sure they now all have homes of everyones coffee tables:) JUST KIDDING! That would be weird... unless you are our parents. I mean, i wasn't sure what i expected people to do with them after, but oh well, i thought they were a fun alternative to a basic program.

here are all of the pages grouped to give you a closer look.

we had ours printed, but this would be a simple diy wedding program if you are in the market.
print on some card stock and tie up the sides with pretty string or twine. i'm pretty sure there are simple book binding kits out there as well if you are ambitious!

engagement shots by up imagery
book printing by direct edge media
images in animated gif and design by me // a fabulous fete

Wednesday, November 7

our wedding // ceremony + reception + details

like i said, not a traditional wedding. which is why R was standing up there, pre-ceremony, speaking to the crowd. just 4 days prior, our minister cancelled. i asked ryan to handle it, i didn't care how, just take care of it. he and one of our close friends came up with a plan. our friend would get ordained and perform the ceremony. BUT, first they would put on a little skit for all of our guests.
R stood up and told everyone that our minister was a no show, and asked if there was anyone there that  was ordained and could marry us. apparently people shouted out that they could do it quickly on line (yes, resourceful and helpful friends we have). Our friend rushed to the rescue luckily and emerged from the crowd. 

I couldn't have asked for a better ceremony. Having a friend up there allowed him to completely personalize everything to us and tell stories rather than reading the typical verses. He's been ryans friend since we've met, and perfectly added in little bits from our history. this truly demonstrated that everything happens for a reason.

oh ya. and he wore a kilt (he's scottish). and ryan wore sandals. at some point you have to give up control and let them do what they want to do:)

guests then enjoyed a short time to serve themselves to a cocktail, sign our polaroid guestbook, and enjoy views while the ceremony area was transformed into the reception.

after guests were asked to come back to the main venue space, they were greeted with our favorite cocktails. Mine, a kir royal. Ryan's, a beer margarita.

I had so much fun with this dessert table. Everything was loosely based around an alice in wonderland theme, one of my favorite movies as a kid. Most random movie ever, which called for a random dessert display. There were tables and chairs at varying heights, horse sculptures, flamingos, flying pigs, a cat.. and of course the delicious sweets.

Another close friend volunteered to make us a small cake. We didn't do the traditional cake cutting, but i wanted something for us to keep and eat on our first anniversary! So it was more like decor:) Isn't she talented!!? I keep telling her to quit her day job and make cakes;)

cocktail tables were decorated with striped runners and the most fabulous florals, overflowing and natural.

i absolutely hate favors that serve no purpose. so we went with something people could take and place in their homes as decor. we filled a small hanging glass globe w/ sea glass and an air plant. hopefully people figured out how to keep them alive!

our ceremony space was turned into a little lounge area with blankets and lots of custom pillows.

after our first dance, drinks started flowing, people started dancing.. 

this happened a few times..

and i'll end with this. pretty much captures the rest of the night.

photography: up imagery
decor/design: me! // a fabulous fete
and a huge thank you to all of my friends that came over for several craft nights and were a huge part of making this wedding everything we wanted it to be. and an even more gigantic thank you to SHARON for spending her entire day setting everything up just the way I would have! that definitely would not have happened without her there.