Friday, February 1

sweeten up your space // day 1

Today starts a fun little series i'll be posting every day up until valentines day! 14 ways to show some love. You don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy these. You most likely need to have a love for red, cake, pink or champagne though. I'll be sharing ideas, diy's, and tiny little things that are quick and fun. R and I don't usually get too mushy on vday, it's become a tradition to stay in and make a nice dinner together, usually ending in cupcakes which are impossible to find on valentines day (but the one thing i ask for). I do, however, like any chance to decorate and celebrate. So here is way #1 to show a little love for this fabulously frilly holiday.

Display some yummy red candy for you and your house guests! I can only eat so many candy hearts, so i'd much rather go with a color scheme and fill fancy jars with candy we enjoy. Lidded jars are perfect for leaving these goodies out for a while (if it lasts that long). 

Placing on a side table or coffee table creates insta vday decor too with minimal effort.
(ps. how awesome is our camel table from z gallerie? wedding present!)

So check back tomorrow (yes, i'm posting on the weeekend, shocker!), the next day, and the next day, and find tiny ways to fill your life with a little more love over the next two weeks.
How about you? Are you anti valentines day or do you embrace the pink and sparkly goodness?


  1. Valentine's Day is my favorite! I work at a greeting card company, so I love all of the colors and inspirations we draw from. It's just fun to give and receive - from friends, boyfriends, or whoever. Plus, I am addicted to candy, so I'm not complaining :)

  2. I really love the idea of decorating with candy. Might have to add this to my décor.


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