Tuesday, June 25

babys breath friendship bracelet // diy

when i was a kid, i had a business where i made and sold friendship bracelets during recess. i think since then, they've always held a small place in my heart. i love that they are back and it's ok to wear them even though you aren't 7 making them with your girl scout troop. so i added a little something that would make it a perfect accessory for your bridesmaids, or a fun activity for a girls weekend.

you start with the same old basics you used back in the day, now just add in a sturdy bloom like babys breath.

if you need a refresher, here's how to start the bracelet. knot the top of your strands and tape down to a flat surface. pull one string out of the group, loop under the rest of the string, back around and through itself like a knot (below).

pull each knot up tight. once you are about an inch down, make a knot just like you would above, but this time insert the stem of a small piece of your bloom. continue to make the knots, tucking in the stem until it is covered.

keep adding your flowers until you have a long enough piece to create your bracelet, then end with a knot.

i love this idea for your maids to create with larger flowers and wear on your wedding day.. or a fun accessory for a special celebration!


  1. These are sooo pretty, what a cute idea!! xx


  2. These are so cute!!! But what happens when the flowers die? Just cut off the pieces when they start to brown? Or could you make these with fake flowers?

  3. This is so sweet! Perfect for a minimalist prom date :)

  4. These are so pretty. :)

  5. you can slide them out pretty easily, but the idea was to use once for a special occasion. or use fake and wear forever!

  6. looking back at prom pictures i wish i would've thought of this sooner ;)

  7. I'm with you. Let's do a prom do-over! I think I can almost squeeze into my dress still.. ;)

  8. ha! my mom just dug mine out and gave them back to me. i put them in the attic but am kind of curious now to pull them out and try them on. though... that might be a bad idea:)

  9. I love the prom idea... if I bothered to go to mine. Still such a cute idea. This would be cute for a little girl too!

  10. What a cute idea. I really love it. And I guess this would
    be great for bridesmaids too.



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