Monday, July 1

mini trophy diy

trophy diy

there are so many bad party supplies out there. so i decided i would start an occasional series where i show you how to fix them up and make them worthy of your bash. a, party supply hack if you will. so let's start with these shiny faux gold trophies! i love trophies. especially the ceramic ones like this used as home decor. but how perfect could they be for favors or prizes this summer? and it's so simple to spruce them up.

party supply

cheap trophies, spray paint, done.

4th of july

i gave mine 2 quick coats to get a nice opaque white finish. and if you are planning a 4th of july party (or any party for that matter), i highly suggest using these to award prizes if you will have games. i think the only game we'll be playing around here on the 4th is beer pong... but that deserves a trophy right?

prize ideas

i stuffed each one with an airplant, but you can fill yours with whatever your heart desires. tie on a first, second, or third place tag in patriotic colors to finish them off.

party games

patriotic nails

you'll be ready in no time to host an awards ceremony :)


  1. You are so right! I ran into a party supply store to grab some balloons recently and after wandering around the store noticed how outdated everything was. Love how you turned something a little bit tacky into something fab!

    1. thanks kelly:) there is plenty of updating needed in those stores! that is my mission, haha:)

  2. stop it. You are so insanely creative! Love it!!

  3. Adorable!!! Spray paint works wonders, doesn't it!?

    1. it's kinda like cheese. makes everything better ;)

  4. What a fun idea, and super cheap! Love it!

  5. Love this idea! So cute.
    On another note - what color/brand is your nail polish? It's a beautiful red!


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