Tuesday, December 17

diy jewel gloves

i know what you're thinking. lauren.. you live in southern california. when in the heck would you ever need these gloves. well, it was in the 50's last week. so cold! ;) and yes, we may be enjoying summer weather at the moment, but the chill is coming back folks. and i'm going to need some fancy gloves for those holiday parties and dinner dates! these are also the perfect gift to give to your girls for them to stash in their clutches. you never know when you are going to need them after work for an impromptu happy hour right?

here's what you'll need:
plain gloves, buttons, brooches, beads and jewels, needle and thread.

start with your biggest pieces and sew each one down to the cuff of the glove with a few stitches. after you have your big jewels on, fill in with smaller pieces and beads until you have covered the front cuff of the gloves.

now stash in your bag so you are always prepared!


  1. These are FABULOUS!!! I just bought a similar pair for lots of money.

  2. Super cute!

  3. This is such a cool idea! The gloves look fantastic ♥

  4. What a fun project!



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