Tuesday, December 10

quick and easy wrapping // diy

i've always had a soft spot for tulle. when it comes to fabric, tulle's about as girly as you can get if you ask me. so i thought it would be the perfect material to create some simple gift bags. if you have a gift that doesn't really need wrapping because it's already a pretty little thing, then why not let it shine through some sheer fabric?

i simply doubled up a long strip of tulle and stitched up the sides on my sewing machine. voila. tie with a bow and you're done.

love this idea for bridesmaids gifts or bachelorette party favors too! switch out colors and gifts and you can adapt for any type of event.


  1. I fly home for the holidays and the one thing i miss is that I can't be creative in the wrapping department because of the TSA and you know, not wrapping in your suitcase. I have to use what my family is and usually in a hurry too. This is adorable!

  2. That color of tulle is amazing! And I love the sequined heart- is it a hair clip? So cute.

  3. I love wrapping with tulle, they make fantastic bows for packages.

  4. thank you! isn't it a pretty mint?! the heart is a pin from ban.do:)

  5. that's a great idea. i'd love to get some black now for wrapping presents!

  6. So cute and simple. Will definitely be trying something like this for my next gift wrapping adventure.


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