Wednesday, January 30

this happened // smilebooth at alt summit

my goal was to have every single picture we took in this little diddy. well, photoshop frowns on that. so i narrowed it down to my faves (and lets be honest, the ones i didn't look like a complete troll in) to share with ya. enjoy!

and i also want to say sorry to all of these ladies if i put anything embarrassing up.
so.. sorry sharon, jenn, cyd, jenny, melanie, danae, and alexandra.

you can see all of the pictures from the night here.

Tuesday, January 29

wrap up // hand lettering

just wrapping up a little hand lettering for inspiration to practice! i'm really into how people play with the lettering in addition to traditional calligraphy.. and adding touches like that banner on the envelope is such a fun detail! which one is your fave?

Monday, January 28

alt summit // peek into my week

Hi everyone! I made it back from alt summit with lots of new buddies, LOADS of inspiration, and so many new ideas brewing that I cannot wait to put into motion. I'm pretty sure everyone will handle showing off their business card collection (and ya, i'll probably share some of my faves), but I wanted to give you a little peek into alt from my point of view!
First of all, I had 4 roommates. Yes, 5 girls in one room... 2 queen beds, an air mattress, 4 flat irons, boxes of party decor (seen below), room service trays of chardonnay and french fries, at least 25 pairs of shoes, and plenty of leopard and polka dots. It was a blast, I couldn't have asked to share a room with 4 more fantastic (not to mention talented) ladies, sharon, jenny, jenn, and cyd.

the first day we arrived we had wednesday night dinners generously hosted by brands that wanted to meet bloggers in a more intimate setting. Since Jenny is super amazing, she was asked to decorate 2 of the dinners, we tagged along and helped her polka dot the crap out of a japanese restaurant (bottom right) after adding a color explosion to the first restaurant (top left). [ps. how great are those polka dot heels?! i need them]

brands also host lounges at the conference. you can go there to lounge, eat, drink and mingle. Bing set up a great lounge where they displayed projects found out here in blog land. Alt attendees picked their favorite projects and pieces from the blogs they read, nominated them, and then Bing brought them to life at Alt. This place was just full of prettiness.. including that art piece above by dominique falla. That's all thread. For reals. Then they had a wall of quotes from bloggers... and they included one by me! So excited.. not exactly sure how that happened, but THANK YOU to that person who picked it out and brought it to Alt!

Um. Land of Nod filled their lounge with swans, gold, and craft supplies. Enough said. And ya, that is a real giant swan boat they have right there. no big deal.

At the last night of Alt there were lots of mini parties, all on one floor in different rooms. We were free to roam, take in the decor, activities and refreshments each brand provided. There were photo booths, there was confetti, and there was a fabulous dance floor we spent most of our time on. And that biz card, shocking, awesome, and will sure make you remember it right? Plus that lettering is fantastic.

So. I had fun. Obviously. Besides all of the fun stuff I showed above, I have a notebook jam packed with notes and knowledge bloggers I admire were just giving away. Get excited, things are gonna get good around here;)

Tuesday, January 22

outfit planning // alt summit

 um. less than 24 hours until i'm on my plane to alt summit.. where did the time go?! I feel like it was just yesterday i had a few months to prepare. are any of you attending?

first things first. what am i going to wear? lucky for me, i don't have much to prepare for besides my wardrobe and business cards, so i can really focus on this part. unlucky for me... it's been 80 degrees here in southern california, kind of hard to visualize what i should be wearing for temperatures 50-60 degrees cooler and chances of snow. i'm almost positive i am packing the most inappropriate clothing i own (see outfit with shorts below), but at least i'll be fashionable, huh?

the first outfit i planned was for the big clue themed party. i'm going as mrs. white. vintage white lace dress + vintage white skirt should do it. i'm adding in some red pumps to go with the planned red lip, and most likely going to pull my hair up and adorn with that brooch i wore at our wedding. obviously i have a white coat and white scarf on hand for the trek from our hotel across the street, but i am praying for heat inside the party. i'll need it.

here's one of my 'day' outfits.
what you don't see are the knit leggings and boots i'll be wearing underneath that skirt:) 

'day' outfit number two! probably my most appropriately planned ensemble. denim w/ cords and polka dots.

this is my favorite by far, not even sure when i am wearing it... but it'll show it's face one night at alt.
i found these amazing scalloped shorts on super sale at old navy and fell in love at first sight. will definitely be pairing with some tights if you were concerned with my legs becoming icicles.

so not a bad start! 4 out of 8 planned and in the suitcase... off to pack the rest.

do you guys read say yes to hoboken? yes? good... no? you should.
i'm sharing this sparkly elbow patch diy over there today.
grab your craft supplies and check it out!

Friday, January 18

friday faves.

I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time searching the web this week.. but when i did find a second or two (usually on my lunch "break") i spotted some super finds.
This ipad mini case from by Mart is just too much. I can't get enough polka dots at the moment and am always 'needing' a new fabric pouch for something. And to be honest, half of the excitement in getting an ipad was that i could get fun cases for it.
One of my goals for 2013 is to play around with my floral arranging skills (which i currently do not have). I am so inspired by gals who can just throw together these simple arrangements like sarah yates did here and shared on instagram. I'm doing a little crafting and styling for an event on sunday and plan on putting this inspiration to use by sprinkling in some small arrangements. wish me luck!!
And chalk pencils.. whaaaat?! It's actually not chalk, but charcoal.. but pretty much the same thing when you get down to it. I have a little chalkboard by our front door that i like to play around with and write seasonal greetings. But you can only do so much with a big fat piece of chalk... thank goodness tristan shared this little tip on her blog. I even went out and bought them yesterday because i'm so excited about this discovery she made;)

what fun finds did you spot this week.. and any fun plans for the weekend? have a fabulous friday and enjoy this beautiful weather (if you are in so cal!!)

Wednesday, January 16

3 ways // napkin rings

I always love a good update to the dining room. And to be honest, I haven't decorated or set the table in months. And i felt like i needed to throw a little creativity to that area. So i whipped up some simple options to wrap up your basic linens.

Write a quote for your guests.
Pick a saying or some special words that go with the season or current holiday you may be celebrating.
and if you are in the market for wedding decor, add your favorite lovey quote;)
(quote above by dr. seuss)

Go for simplicity, with paper.
Wrap a piece of patterned paper around a cloth napkin and embellish with some foliage. i know you crafty craftersons out there have some pretty little scraps you can put to good use. and i pulled these vines straight from my yard. you can't get any more affordable than that!

Fashion up some feathers and tuck in a playful straw.
These were also made out of paper from my stash. super simple. just chop away with a pair of scissors.

Now... decisions decisions... which should i set the table with?

Tuesday, January 15

yes. i know it's only january.

too early?

oh well. i don't care.
i've had a sort of fascination with anything pink, red, peach or if it has hearts. already. when you plan products, parties and posts, it's hard not to get ahead of yourself.
i really miss the anticipation for valentines day when in elementary school. you'd make your little mailboxes, prepare your valentines for weeks, and always make that 'extra special' one for the cute boy you had a crush on.
so anyways. i love love... and i think there are lots of little ways to enjoy it (even starting in january).
why don't you...
make a pretty flower arrangement to enjoy at your desk. wear this fab leaf brooch. red lips, enough said. deck the halls with peach garland. cotton candy cupcakes?? okay. seal your letters with a kiss. make lacy candle holders. and buy some fancy lingerie.

how do you celebrate?

Friday, January 11

friday // four faves

with a few different events coming up, the pinterest tab on my laptop hasn't closed in a while.
so. here are 4 of my favorites from the past week that i just can't get out of my head.
01. really want to use this idea at our next dinner party or brunch
02. our backyard has been a (very looooong) work in progress. i'd love to incorporate a little hideaway like this place
03. someone please let me style your party and wrap napkins with fresh flowers. this is amazing
04. i like how easy this colorful garland would be to make. i've been scheming crafts for a girls night/craft party and this is the perfect mix of simple and useful.

you can follow me here... and have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 10

color inspiration // grey + blush

blush + grey

i love this combo. the grey gives the perfect balance to overly girly blush shades.
but let me tell you, searching for grey images is no picnic. scrolling through screens and screens of... grey... really made me want to go take a nap or something. so adding some cheery pink was a must :)
what do you think of using grey in your party or wedding decor?
me? it's always been one of my wardrobe staples, but i've never actually tried it in decor.

Monday, January 7

etsy finds // floral fun

how about a little floral inspiration for your monday?

i am loving all of the floral finds lately. it's an easy way to add a little girly-ness to anything. and if you're thinking, florals are for spring lauren... the how about going a bit darker, like that washi tape? or adding black accessories?
black floral washi tape via the stationary room. floral crown from paramount vintage. spruce up your snail mail with these envelopes from star & thimble. and yes, i realize the dress doesn't exactly have roses on it... but i feel like it's a fun play on petals and doesn't make you look like a granny, dress from bad james vintage.
what do you think? are you infusing some floral into your life?

Friday, January 4

what a "short" week right? working from home for myself usually means i don't recognize changes in the week like that because of holidays. but with R being home for almost a full 2 weeks, it really did make it feel like i had a little holiday vacation. and probably because i slacked off a few more days than i actually should have.. it did feel good to be back to a schedule and catching up on projects. the holiday breaks, traveling, and family visiting seemed to take my mind off of every day tasks that cause stress and let me just be creative again.
so, it's good to be back. i'm ready for an even more creative, and even more productive 2013!
hope you enjoy your first weekend of the new year:)

[image by me]

Wednesday, January 2

diy // printable matchbox covers

i heart matches. matchbooks, matchboxes, long ones, short ones.. they are small, easy to collect, and a can add nice touch to your home, your event, or even gifts.
problem. the really good looking ones are out of my match buying budget. so i made some covers for the cheapy brand you can buy anywhere. problem solved.

i found a large pack of these match boxes at walmart, but i'm pretty sure they sell them at any grocery store. print out these perfectly sized watercolor polka dots i painted for you on some card stock. then grab some double sided tape and an exacto knife.

cut out the covers (lines are provided to fit the diamond brand above, or any generic matchbox), fold the polka dotted strips around the box to get your folds right, one of the sides to the box will overlap, then apply your tape to finish of the cover like below. slide in the inside of the matchbox that holds the matches and you're done!

i cut the striking area off of the original box and taped it to the inner part that holds that matches. that way it's still functional, but you have the pretty pattern on the outside.

i would love to use these as place cards for a dinner party. just embellish with a sharpie and add a little piece of foliage or even a fresh flower as the finishing touch.

would you like to see even more ways you can use these? click on over and follow me on Facebook. i'll be posting a few more ways to display and use 'em!