Wednesday, February 27

hand drawn favor bags

my whole life, through school, through work, through long phone calls, i've loved a simple doodle. when i wasn't writing my name over and over, i was covering things with polka dots and hearts. so when i started brainstorming patterns for these favor bags, obviously those 2 needed to make an appearance... i've had my share of practice drawing them over the years.

what you'll need to make your own set of bags is some light colored, solid fabric, a black sharpie, and a sewing machine.

cut 2 long strips, double the height, and 1" larger in width than you'd like your finished bag. then begin your doodles!

fold your strip in half, doodles facing in, and sew about 1/2" in all the way down both sides. turn inside out and you're done.

use to package up small gifts..

place at each guests setting for a dinner party and include a little treat inside for them..

or tie up a small bouquet of flowers that you are giving to a friend.

i don't have any immediate parties planned, but i DO have some travel planned (more on that later). so i thought these would also work great to organize jewelry, rubber bands, bobby pins, etc. these things ALWAYS get thrown together and lost or broken.
did you have a doodling problem like me (or still do)? what were your standard patterns?

Tuesday, February 26

eat this // fresh guacamole

this weather we are having here is just ridiculous. ridiculously good.. so pulling out warm weather snacks like guacamole just seems necessary. in addition to making this just because it is good, i'm making an effort to finally eat more "clean" and less processed junk. i'm not going to go as far as make my own chips, yet. but making the guac from fresh ingredients (instead of my go to premade option) made me feel like overall this was a better choice.

not only is this a pretty good little snack, it's perfect to whip up when you have guests coming, inevitable in spring. i make this almost every time we have a backyard shin dig or barbecue. here's how.

this recipe makes a nice sized serving for about 4-6 people.
you'll need 3 ripe avocados, 2 tomatoes, 1 onion, 1 lime and seasoning to taste (i use garlic salt)

chop everything except the lime and add to a bowl. squeeze the juice of one lime in the chopped mixture, add your seasoning and mash. i use a wisk... i know, random kitchen tool to mash guac. but that's what my mom taught me and it just stuck:)

and that's it! serve with your favorite chips and watch your guests (or yourself) devour. i'll let you know if i ever get ambitious and make tortilla chips.

Monday, February 25

instafaves // 2

welcome back from the weekend! how was it for everyone? we had beautiful, sunny, 70 degree days... and i mean, weather controls about 60 percent of your weekend mood right? just me? well, we tried to spend as much of it outside as possible. we took niko (the dog) on a long hike and found some new trails literally across the street from our house, had brunch down by the beach and barbecued dinner, yum. oh, and did you notice the update?! so excited about it and how it all turned out. to be honest, i didn't really have much planned on how i wanted it too look. i had some ideas in mind, but everything was kind of designed on the fly. that's usually how i work on projects for myself, otherwise i spend too much time analyzing.. "is it perfect?".. and it never is. A few things I added that are extra awesome: a pin it button on pictures to make it easier for ya (hover over the image above!), main category buttons on the left to find projects, printables and weddings, consolidated links for where you can find me else where (over on the left), and just a cleaner/easier to navigate look, i think:) oh, and finally.. my very own .com! Now you just have to visit (but the blogspot address still redirects, so don't worry!) what do you think? i love hearing from you:)

and.. a few of my favorites from instagram, my latest obsession
(follow me @afabulousfete)
1. via @couldihavethat, i heart this look and really want to invest in some comfy (but stylish) tees for layering with statement necklaces this spring.
2. via @greyandscout, liz just makes me want to redecorate my house everyday... this bedding, perfection. and her dog is just as cute as her pillow cases;)
3. via @urbanic, audrey does everything right in her instagram feed.. perfect product and perfect styling. and she's always making me want more paper goods. shortly after i saw this pic, i went out and bought (unnecessary, BUT super cute) wrapping paper.
4. via @matchbookmag, besides making me want to live in new york, this one totally got me excited for some upcoming spring projects i am working on! love the styling and fresh flowers. fresh flowers always get me.

[you can check out more instagram posts here]

Friday, February 22

happy friday // my weekend map

as of recently, i've been trying my hardest to really take at least one day off on the weekend. like, REALLY take it off... no emails, no cake stand painting, no calligraphy projects (unless it's a just for fun project). disconnect and focus on me, my husband, my fam (aka. 1 giant dog and 1 crazy cat), and our home. and this weekend i get an entire day to myself while R is away doing 'boy' things. so i've been scheming how i will spend my day... first on my list a litle blog makeover. ya, i said no work, but it's not really work because i don't HAVE to do it:) it's just for fun and something i've been thinking of doing for a while. then there will be some cocktail experiments in our kitchen. i pin cocktail recipes all the time but never stop and make any, this weekend that is happening! next up, jewelry organization so i stop wearing the same necklace over and over. i have some unused space in our closet (amazing i know) so i plan on picking up some acrylic trays and untangling the giant mess of chain and beads. somewhere i'll find an hour or two to take down all of our winter decor and add some brighter touches. and last but not least i'll have a little movie night ready to go when R gets back... popcorn, m&m's, gummy bears, the whole deal. fun stuff! what do you have planned this weekend? 
ps. pic is some goods i picked up at muji last year on our trip to new york. makes me want to go back! (even if just for a shopping trip at muji)

Wednesday, February 20

peach + emerald // color inspiration

i could really just mix peach with anything.. i am in love with this color right now! i do (and will always) answer "pink" when someone asks me which color is my fave... but peach is totally a shade of that and counts right? what is your favorite?

Tuesday, February 19

franciscan gardens open house // table design + styling

a few weeks ago i was asked to design and style 2 tables for an open house Franciscan Gardens was holding. the goal was to showcase some of their vendors, display their event space and let guests try some of the new treats 24 carrots was offering all based around a great gatsby theme. with the direction given, i knew i had to incorporate 3 main elements... pearls, feathers and antique silver accents. so here is a look into a few of the details beautifully captured by Anne Watson Photography.

here is the dessert table. i created calligraphy tent cards for each dessert displayed on gorgeous marbeled paper.

the backdrop was made up of single strings of pearls each with a feather at the bottom.

i also helped style, bring in some props, and incorporate a few touches of calligraphy on the favor table where they gifted guests with pretty little champagne coupes filled with champagne gelee.

you can see many more pictures here and even a video!

photography // Anne Watson Photography

Monday, February 18

instafaves // 1

i know i'm not the only one.. an instagram addict that is. most of the time, i find it one of the most inspiring places to browse. i guess because it's "real" and peoples everyday life. and when people live as colorfully and beautifully as they do on instagram, it's hard not to find just a few things that inspire.
and since it's monday, we all may need a little pick me up or boost to get going... looking at pretty things always does that for me, how about you?
1. via designlovefest // those gals at blogshop kill it every time
2. via pipercase // THE perfect way to spend a sunny day. champagne + pizza
3. via sugarandcloth // ashley captured this bhldn display perfectly
4. via blushshop // love this outfit. must find more pretty sweaters and patterned button ups!

it's the beginning of a new week.. excited to start it off right with a productive monday! how do you get motivated to start your week?

Friday, February 15

paper flower garland diy + crafted recap

i know i talked about this event enough, so if you couldn't make it, i wanted to share a recap of the 'craft with the bloggers' event we hosted! it was a day for readers and crafters to come hang out and make a few valentines inspired goodies.

kelly, sharon, me and chelsea in front of the fabulous photo backdrop sharon created. we all hosted the event together which was so great. we all took on our own crafts and a few small tasks to make the event come together effortlessly. having a team definitely made this day stress free so we could actually enjoying our day of meeting people and making!

we went with a color scheme of peach, mint and gold. i painted and planted some pots and succulents to add a small piece of decor to the crafting tables. not only did they (i think) look great and add a touch of color, but they came home with us and are now pretty-ing up our homes.
tattly also sent over a ton of lovey dovey tattoos for our crafters to take and wear. people were pretty excited about these. some even headed to water fountains and the ladies room to put them on right away.

we all shared one giant table and took a quarter to display our supplies, directions, and any other necessities for our craft. here is a shot of my table and some details.

kelly set up her area with tons and tons of pre-fringed paper and stacks of heart boxes to create her conversation heart pinatas.

she even brought boat loads of candy to fill them with (i tried really hard to stay away from this area, but failed miserably, sorry i ate all your candy kelly)

sharon brought a giant selection of trims to adorn her balloon valentines. yarn for tassels, feathers, sequins, you name it, she brought it.

and last but not least, chelsea laid out her perfectly packaged materials for making giant (or mini) poofs to wear in your hair, on your jacket, or wherever else you could find a place to pin it.

it was so fun, so great to meet everyone, and i may have come away with plenty of supplies to craft for a while. win, win, win, win;)
kelly and sharon have posted tutorials showing you how to make your own versions of the crafts you see above. see kelly's here and sharon's here. see chelsea's recap here, her tutorial will be up soon!
and mine... here! keep reading to see how i made the tissue paper garlands (and another idea for it at the end) here is what you need:

tissue paper, wire, tape to match wire (wire and tape can be found in floral section at craft store)

cut petal shapes out of your tissue paper

pinch petals in center and start bunching together to create your flower. once flower is fluffy, full and to your liking, take a piece of your tape and wrap it around the base to secure.

once you have completed your flowers, string onto the wire by pushing the wire through the center of your flower.

after you have spaced your flowers on the wire, add one more piece of flower tape to secure. hang (or wear) and enjoy!

i turned my latest one into a floral crown. i'm sure there are many more ways you can display and wear these though. ps. isn't my iphone pic of myself great? you do what you have to when you work alone in your house;)

want to see more pictures from the event? check out our facebook page here.

happy friday and have a fabulous weekend.

[all images by a fabulous fete unless otherwise noted]