Thursday, February 27

copper pipe pencil holder // diy

in keeping with the organization theme this week, i want to share a fun way to display pencils, pens, fave markers, or maybe even a little greenery. i was in love with that great copper pencil holder floating around pinterest, but new i could do something fun with a little copper pipe and get a similar look. so i stopped by the hardware store and picked up a piece of copper and got to work.

i used my husbands hacksaw to cut the pipe into smaller pieces. apparently you can do this with a pipe cutter (duh), but we couldn't seem to locate ours. plus i needed a little bicep workout (this is handwork people, ask your man for a favor and have him to the cutting if you can!)

after i cut enough to achieve the "V" design i wanted, i simply hot glued them together and had my finished product.

i didn't finish off the bottom with anything, so if i pick it up… pencil confetti. i figured it'll stay in one place on my desk though, so i'm ok with it!


  1. oh this is so neat! i like the look of copper, but can it easily be painted, right?

  2. such a nice idea!!!

  3. I love love love this! My dad loves to work with copper and this would be a perfect present for him! Thanks for sharing!

  4. that would be so sweet! this is actually a great gift for a guy now that you mention it:)

  5. Love this, my boyfriend is a plumber so I am going to start stealing all his off cuts to make one of these!


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