Wednesday, February 12

flower garland diy

with everything going on at the end of january and the beginning of this month, i just didn't have it in me to climb into the attic and pull down the valentines day decor. but, i can't let such a fun, pink filled, holiday pass me by without a little love. so i grabbed a bunch of flowers and made this garland for the main space of our home.

i used carnations because they are a sturdy flower that will last a few days without wilting. so this is the perfect garland to whip up today or tomorrow and leave up through valentines day! i bought one bunch and cut the stems off of each flower. then i used a basic needle to thread each flower onto the garland. tape up on your wall with some pretty washi tape and you're done!

i love this idea for surprising your special someone too. you can make it in less than 5 minutes and tape up in a snap.

what does everyone have planned for valentines day?


  1. Wow Lauren this is beautiful! So original. I would've totally gone with plastic, but now I want to have a strand of real flowers! Carnations are so pretty too. Love it.

  2. what a creative diy! i also love how you chose more of a purple hue instead of the classic bright pink or red.

  3. thanks! i love that carnations come in almost every color.. even the unnatural hues ;)

  4. there are so many awesome looking faux flowers out there too… i just thought valentines day always means fresh flowers, so might as well go with it!

  5. So cute x


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