if you're here, then it was great meeting you! hope you can find a little celebration to use your mini party kit for. and if not, pour yourself a glass of champagne, and just celebrate today being fabulous;)
so here is what you should have received in your little kit

and here is what you should do with them.. let's start with your drink stirrers.

turn the velvet strips face down. place one glue dot at the center, and one slightly off center.

pinch closed. voila! moving on to your garland

grab a needle (not included) and thread your red string through. poke the needle through the left side of the heart towards the back and bring back towards the front on the right side.

now keep going through all the hearts until you have your completed garland!

now. throw a party. duh.

i think it's super cute to add a little love to your desk space. maybe even an early happy hour?
however you use it, enjoy! feel free to share what you did with yours by posting pictures here on Facebook, or instagraming and tag me @afabulousfete

i look forward to getting to know you all better!


  1. Just opened my party kit, so cute - love it :) Thanks Lauren!

    1. thanks for stopping by audrey! enjoy:)

  2. This is too cute! Wish I could have been at alt - maybe next year!

  3. This is the cutest idea ever. You are a genius.

    1. so sweet Helena! was great meeting you.


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