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Thursday, November 17

{ easy pillow update }

now that things are finally leveling out around here... workload wise... i'm finally finding some time to do those little things around the house that have been on hold.
this one took about 5 minutes.

I had purchased a few pillows from walmart for an event. They cost about $7 each! For the event, i spruced them up with covers that tied in with the rest of the decor.
After bringing them home, I gave one a place on a chair in our living room (side note: chair also from ikea.. its was hideously red and on sale for a little over $10. better now right?). So boring.. Plain canvas pillow on a plain white chair.

I stitched on a little heart from a scrap piece of black fabric. I heart it now:)

Monday, March 29

:: the pics ::

finally... pictures from my bday:)

{entrance to the garage and a little sampling of goodies made by my good friend linds}

{the photo booth area}

{shot of the striped fabric i painted for a week!!! and my attempt to class up the garage with a chandelier, which by the was is still in there and hanging over the cars:)}

{more polaroids!}


{just because i thought he was funny... and he was only a few bucks at target}

{me and my sis {the photog)}

i wish everyone could have been there to see it in person, so different even though the pictures are awesome!  oh, and you would've loved to play limbo under my heart garland which i hung just high enough so that my 5'4" self could walk under it... to bad all of our friends are like way taller:)  oh well, it looked pretty!
have a fabulous monday!
- ps, all photos were taken by caitlyn -

Monday, March 15

garland happy

happy happy monday:)
please excuse the lack of posts that you might see this week... i am a busy lady cutting out lots of hearts to make garland for my party saturday!

this is my inspiration... to have a garland canopy for my party, of course on a much smaller scale.  i'm not sure how many hearts i can possibly cut out in the next few days though, my fingers are already cramping...

have a lovely week!

Wednesday, March 3

:: bday inspiration ::

soooo, it's my bday saturday!
i'm having the party in 2 weeks... saturday just came way too quick and i want to have time to plan a fabulous bash, it's my 25th after all:)
i've had lots and lots of ideas floating through my head for a while and i finally sat down to put it on paper, or, um... screen:)  visual boards always help me so much, otherwise i get overwhelmed with all of my ideas and forget or just don't execute because i'm stressed.  hopefully this helps make my party extra special this year!  i'm super excited, i plan on doing a little garage sale shopping for cool extras i can paint pretty colors.



what do you guys think?  have any ideas you'd like to add?
happy hump day, only 2 days left to the weekend!
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