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Tuesday, May 6

spring pattern mixing // on the table

we have lots of random fruit trees, plants with climbing vines and crazy rose bushes. they're overlooked most of the time, but i've been making more of an effort to incorporate some of it into our home and spend less at the store on the same kinds of things.

i thought i would bring the pattern mixing to the table with placemats and plates that had similar colors but bold pattern. kumquats turned into place card holders, giant leaves from the fig tree decorated the plates and full roses were scattered to fill in empty space. i never feel like a table is complete without a little greenery or floral touch.

i really love how the mix of of black with the bright colors kept everything from looking too feminine! so, how is everyone else decorating the table for spring?

Monday, May 5

spring style // embroidery + booties

summer temps are quickly approaching and this last week we had in so cal was a lovely little preview of how effing hot it's going to be. i like to stock up on flowly dresses for backyard bbq's, entertaining and just running around on the weekend. so this week was the perfect time to take one of them out for a test run.

it's really easy for me to look like i'm 12 when i wear dresses like this, but that won't stop me. since the pretty embroidery was enough going on, i skipped the jewelry and paired with details that had a bit more of a tough vibe, booties + leather. and 2 second pony tails are always a good idea.

conclusion… this will be the perfect outfit to transition easily from errands to cocktails! what are your go to pieces for spring and summer?

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Tuesday, April 29

floral dream catcher // mothers day diy

sure, mom will love her flowers any way you present them… but if you're looking for a fun new way to gift her favorites, why not try out something different this year.

ever since we made our way up to sedona, i've had dreamcatchers in my head. i thought adding in something different would be a fun twist. although they won't last long, they'll definitely be a pretty addition to any celebration! i guess you have to think about them kind of like flower crowns. something you get to enjoy for a day or two, right? yes. so here's what to start with:
- a large embroidery hoop
- thick yarn
- several types of blooms

start by threading through the fringe that will hang from the bottom. do this around the bottom of the outer ring. leave loose and set to the side. then take the inner hoop, tie one end of a new piece of yarn the the hoop and begin to wrap around tightly until you have a pattern you like. make sure that you have lots of cross over as that is how the flowers will stay secure.

insert the wrapped inner ring to the outer and tighten.

cut your flowers so they have a 2-3" stem, insert in between the yarn where they cross over each other and your done!

you can tie on some blooms at the bottom too. i really ended up liking it a bit more simple without the tulips… but play around until you get something you love! 

Thursday, April 24

lettered vase // wedding diy

i'm over sharing this lettered vase diy on Julep! stop by to see how to quickly turn a simple vase into a meaningful piece of decor. i used lyrics from a song at our wedding, but you can easily customize with any lyrics, quotes, or special phrases that mean something special to you. this guy is still sitting in our kitchen and i have no plans of putting it away anytime soon!

Wednesday, April 16

gimme that // spring finds with HauteLook

coming out of winter is always a bit of a downer around the house. i usually stick with neutrals and simple colors, which i LOVE, but i always need a bit of a pop right about now. i don't really like to invest a ton in these pieces though because i know they are seasonal and probably won't stick around through next year. so this week, i hopped on over to HauteLook to see what kind of deals they had to offer. i'll admit, i hadn't spent a ton of time on here before… i try to stay away from online shopping as i  can spend a lot of money quickly. but as i was browsing, i wanted to smack myself for waiting so long. i found a TON of stuff i cannot live without, and if i buy a few of my faves, it's not going to put me into debt through next spring. so, here are my picks for adding a touch of spring to your home and your wardrobe and get yourself ready for a bit of spring entertaining!

the bar in our kitchen could use a serious update with these fantastic rose gold pendants by zuo. woven baskets are always a necessity for spring cleaning (in the nautical & coastal decor). glass globes in rope nets are a fun touch and a little bit of nautical. loose dresses are going to be my thing this season (especially when entertaining with lots of sweet snacks and sips!). love this beachy clutch to hold all of my essentials. unique white vases make any flower arrangement fun. colorful stools are a simple way to add a pop of color and extra seating. new mirrors have been on my list for ages and make a small rooms seem a tad bigger! love this simple white bowl to fill with fruit for an easy centerpiece. tie-dye and flowing dresses? yes please. everyone can use a unicorn for a dose of whimsy in their home (found in animal trophy heads sale). crisp, clean white sheets are my best friend (found in the white sale). and if you don't find anything else on this list, i'm sure you'll find the perfect kantha throw for cool nights or a backyard picnic… i seriously can't pick my favorite.

find all of these goods and more on HauteLook! sign up here to have a look see at all of these (and more!) fabulous pieces. and tell me, what are your must haves to spruce up your space for spring entertaining?

[ some affiliate links have been used to compile this post. affiliate posts allow me to continue to create fabulous content for my fabulous readers:) but as always, choices for posts and opinions are my own ]

Tuesday, April 15

lemon ginger cocktail

i always learn about new cocktails when we travel. sometimes they're specific to the destination, and sometimes it's something they make all over the world, and i've just never tried it. this time in jamaica, it was the caipirinha. i heard some lady talking about it at one of the bars. it sounded light, refreshing, and like the perfect cocktail for a warm beach vacation. so, naturally, i drank them the rest of the vacation. when i got home and googled it, i realized they weren't really making it correctly at all (using lemons instead of limes, simple syrup instead of sugar, and vodka)… but it was good either way, so i put my twist on it and here's the recipe!

ingredients (makes one): 1/4 lemon chopped in half, 3 generous slices of fresh ginger, 1/2 oz simple syrup, 1 1/2 oz vodka, club soda.

muddle the lemon and ginger in the syrup and vodka. strain liquid into serving glass, removing solids. top with ice and club soda.

seriously simple and seriously refreshing. this will definitely be one of my go to cocktails for summer entertaining!

Thursday, April 10

jamaica, mon.

i swear. is everyone in the bahamas or mexico right now? the answer is yes. at least everyone i follow on instagram. so, instead of crying because i'm so jealous, i decided i'd share a few pics from our trip to jamaica we went on 2 weeks ago. the camera we brought would have produced hundreds of fantastic photos… except that we brought the wrong charger and it was dead, SO, here are my attempt at iPhone photography, enjoy;)

i spent 90% of my time under an umbrella with a bottle of champagne and some sort of snack. we did manage to find the energy to travel over to ricks cafe to watch the divers and margartaville (twice) because they have the best damn margaritas i've ever tasted. and since those are the only 2 times i really left the resort, i would say go go go! they are definitely must see's if you're in negril. and if you have time, i'd also recommend walks on the beach at sunset, rum punch, and shopping for sarongs, jewelry and cool woven purses from local vendors. you're welcome for the in depth guide to travel in jamaica ;)

Friday, April 4

march recap in pictures

a quick peek at what happened around here last month:

[from left to right] finally getting some rain and enjoying it with coffee and candles. prints added to the shop. mixing custom blues for watercolor projects. making quick thank you cards. birthday treats. lunch date outfit. rose date with sharon. saturday spread for relaxing. watercolor calligraphy vows for client.

vitamin bottle vases. new succulent decor. margaritas and planting in the yard. packing for vacay. spring goodies. gold calligraphy place card order. vacation inspired calligraphy. beach walks in jamaica. a secret spot. morning ritual at the beach. view from our room in jamaica. cute little spot to people watch on the beach.

happy friday guys! hope you have something fun planned for the weekend. ps. have you entered the keurig giveaway?!

[images via instagram, see more wrap ups here]

Friday, March 28

wear this // simple spring outfit

i'm posting this because.. i've worn this outfit like 4 times already so i thought i would share it. apparently it's my spring uniform. perfect for working or running errands during the day, then dressing up at night with some pink lipstick and a pair of heels. i added a hat (that my husband picked out all by himself for my birthday, how cute right?) and realized i had to take the whole ensemble on vacay.

these comfy pants are going to be my new everyday pant paired with a tee. it's kinda like pi's, but during the day. my kind of outfit ;)

i know it's still cold in some areas… but does anyone else have their spring uniform picked out yet?

[pants // nordstroms. tank // calvin klein. hat // urban. glasses // ivi (thanks sharon!!). sandals // sam edelman]

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